6 directions of Worldopoly’s Bounty campaign

6 directions of Worldopoly’s Bounty campaign

Dear Worldopoly community!

We adhere to an open project policy so you can see how your investments work! And we want to remind that while the ICO on pause, during which we are working on the game to present to you already implemented game concept, our bounty campaign does not stop!

Many users are interested in the question, is it real to get a cryptocurrency at the start, without investing money in it? At the ICO stage, we are ready to offer you an opportunity to participate in Worldopoly Bounty program.

Worldopoly gives $450000 in WPT equivalent for its Bounty campaign. It is 2,5% of all tokens that will be issued. Below, you can find general information about how you can help Wolrdopoly promotion and become rewarded for it!

1. Telegram campaign

Worldopoly can also be advertised in this popular messenger.

Reserved: 5% (22,500 USD in the WPT)

2. Twitter campaign 

Users can get additional tokens by promoting Worldopoly on Twitter. The amount of payments depends on the number of followers.

Reserved: 10% ($ 45,000 USD in the WPT)

3.  Facebook campaign

A similar campaign is conducted in Facebook. You advertise the project there, and get your tokens. The size of the payment also depends on the number of friends.

Reserved: 10% ($ 45,000 USD in the WPT)

4. Support Campaign 

Our Bitcointalk ANN and Bounty topics translations into different languages, as well as moderating the topics after the translation.

Reserved: 10% ($ 45,000 USD in the WPT)

5. Blogs, articles and Youtube campaign

An important component of Worldopoly’s ICO success is expert support. Anyone who can make and publish a detailed review (article, blog post o video for YouTube), will be promoted with generous payouts. The amount of payments depends on the review quality.

Reserved: 20% (90,000 USD in WPT)

6. Signature campaign at Bitcointalk forum

Anyone who places information about ICO Worldopoly in their signature at Bitcointalk during the ICO will receive free bonuses after its finish. The amount of payments depends on the user’s status.

Reserved: 42% ($ 189,000 USD in the WPT)

And for other expenses reserved: 3% ($ 13,500 in WPT)

You can see that the biggest bonuses for subscription campaign and reviews.

Do you want the maximum benefit? Join our bounty-team now! All payments you will receive at the end of the main stage of the ICO. Details of the campaign and the latest news you can find on Bitcointalk or in Telegram-chat.

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