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TOP-5 features of Worldopoly Gameplay

Worldopoly is a mobile game developed to expand the boundaries of the real-time strategy and simulator of urban construction genres. For this purpose, development team focuses on integrating some modern technologies into game process, such as geo-positioning, augmented reality and Blockchain. This is a big step to improve the quality ... read more

The history of AR-based mobile games. What new Worldopoly will bring?

In 2016, the mobile games world was hit by a new mass phenomenon called Pokémon Go. Augmented Reality game showed the world's readiness for technology and its capabilities in the best possible light and set new vectors for the development of the mobile gaming industry in the near future. Current ... read more

Worldopoly AirMiner. New in-game Referral Program

Worldopoly AirMiner Referral program gives you and your friends bonus WPT! Invite your friends to play Worldopoly AirMiner and you will get:    12 Crystals for each invitation    7% from each in-app purchase what will be made by them!    10 Crystals immediately Moreover, everyone who will register in ... read more

Worldopoly. The crypto-gaming world foundation

Have you ever imagined bringing your in-game empire to the real world? Worldopoly provides just that, it combines the real world with an exiting RTS-game. Worldopoly is a real estate simulation, real-time strategy mobile game which combines the incredible opportunities of Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The ... read more

Worldopoly AirMiner. Meet the new features!

Dear Worldopoly community! Worldopoly update 1.2.8 is finally released and we would like to give you an overview of the new features, developed in cooperation with you. Thank you again for your feedback and thoughts!   So, what’s new: We are getting closer to the Alpha-release of the main concept ... read more

6 directions of Worldopoly’s Bounty campaign

Dear Worldopoly community! We adhere to an open project policy so you can see how your investments work! And we want to remind that while the ICO on pause, during which we are working on the game to present to you already implemented game concept, our bounty campaign does not ... read more

Pre-Sale over! Worldopoly gets even better!

Dear Worldopoly Community! We have great news for you! During every ICO with all its ups and downs there comes a moment when one has to rethink what path to take. Do you want to take “the brake” after the ICO is done in order to develop your product and ... read more

What determines quality blockchain-based mobile game?

What should include a modern mobile game, based on blockchain? We collected expert opinions to show what creators must implement today to present us a quality niche game. Cryptoitems Cryptoitems is a game objects connected to blockchain in the same way as cryptocurrencies. They are able to exist outside the ... read more

What you need to know about geo-positioning and how the technology is implemented into Worldopoly’s gameplay?

Geo-positioning (geolocation) is a technology that is responsible for identifying a computer or mobile device, as well as determining the current location. Technology is almost always correlated with the identification of a person's location in real time. Nowadays, no one leave smartphones at home and the integrated services read the ... read more

Meet the New Update of Worldopoly AirMiner!

Dear Worldopoly community, thanks for your support and patience. Only with your help we can find the best ways how to improve Worldopoly AirMiner. Now, you can update your mobile game (iOS/Android) and enjoy the game including all new features! New features: Updated interface: all elements on Tablets are displayed ... read more

Worldopoly AirMiner already in Google Play and Appstore

Quick update from Worldopoly Team We’re really thankful to each of you for participating in Worldopoly ICO. Pleased to share with you the latest news: Worldopoly AirMiner is available on Appstore & Google Play now. Game introduction: Worldopoly AirMiner is a mini-game created to show the technical implementation of the ... read more

Why we decided to build a Blockchain based game Worldopoly?

Our vision is to provide this world a better decentralised system eliminating the current issues of transparency, corruption and economy unevenness. Despite the fact that the world today is rife with discord and polarization, there are those who are passionate about building a better future, one where people are empowered ... read more