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Introducing Worldopoly AirMiner

Worldopoly AirMiner is a mini-game created to show the technical implementation of the Augmented Reality module in the upcoming Worldopoly game. To start playing, just install the application and register. You can register through popular social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google. The goal of WP AirMiner is to collect Worldopoly Token (WPT) coins that can be used in the main game after its release.

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How to Play Play

As part of the game process, you have to collect WPT tokens, which will be placed randomly on the street near your current location. Google Maps and the Augmented Reality module become your main tools to get it.


Find tokens nearbyMap

Download and install the application. After entering the game and registering, you will go to the main game screen that is implemented on the Google Maps basis. Current player’s location is marked with a blue arrow, and there are WPT icons around you on the map.


Come closerArea

To collect a token showed on a map, you need to go to its location. Around the player's arrow you can see radius of activity that is highlighted with blue color. As soon as the token icon is in this area, a blue button lights up at the bottom of the map screen. Click it to start collecting game.

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Capture the tokenScan

Now that you have opened the capture mode, the camera with the Augmented Reality module will turn on your gadget screen. Your task is to look around and find a moving three-dimensional coin icon. Using the frame in the center of the screen, grab the coin within it and hold it for 10 seconds.

Get your WPT and earn moreEarn

If everything is OK, you’ll get your WPT, and then you can continue collecting coins in other places on map. Note that the same tokens are displayed to all active players, and you can be preceded. You can also get additional WPT by sharing with friends a game link using Twitter, Facebook and Google profile. You can find the sharing buttons in your personal profile.

Worldopoly AirMiner purpose

Real estate empire creation begins with the purchase of streets on the map. You have the right to choose the appropriate length of the street: the longer it is, the more slots for construction it contains and the price higher.


We are aimed to show Worldopoly’s investors the practical result of the work "here and now". WP AirMiner is the most effective report on the investments they made.


We plan to build an extensive advertising network within Worldopoly. To do this, potential advertisers should see the implementation of the augmented reality module in the game and, accordingly, their prospects.


All future users, who showed interest in the game today, will earn free and almost effortless additional game resources, and also advertise Worldopoly to their friends.

Worldopoly’s community members

Demonstration of Worldopoly’s capabilities will be at least interesting to all members of the game community before the game release.

To Worldopoly ICO

TechStack TechStack

While developing Worldopoly AirMiner, we used a number of modern technologies, the areas of responsibility and functionality of which will be substantially expanded in the main game in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Object recognition technologies that are self-taught and improved are implemented here, and make the gameplay convenient and user-friendly. Game AI will develop independently, improving the quality of user interaction with the game world.


Worldopoly Token is the Blockchain-based game currency that was implemented on Ethereum platform. It can be used after Worldopoly’s release both in game and beyond it as a real payment currency. WP AirMiner allows you to collect WPT or free and without restrictions, for further use in the main game.

Augmented Reality

The main goal of Worldopoly AirMiner is to show Augmented Reality module functions, which will subsequently appear in Worldopoly. With its help, the player can find and collect tokens on the street, and sometime later also will be able to extract information about the game space.


It is important for us to show the technologies and playability of the conceived project to user. Therefore, we tried our best to implement in Worldopoly AirMiner solutions that provide a convenient gameplay by analogy with the final product’s concept.


There’s a simple and intuitive for everyone interface in mini-game. The convenience of game elements and functions is totally linked basic idea of Worldopoly: create a game for casual audience (for everyone).

External Services

We implemented flexible integration with third-party products, taking all the best that corresponds to game goals, and integrating into the game process organically. So, for example, Google Maps services appeared here, with their flexible functionality and almost unlimited capabilities.


Google Service

Google technological base is a valuable basis in the product’s implementation. We used Google Maps for our mini-game, Google CloudPlatform infrastructure, and other useful things.


Graph QL

Effective protocol that helps the user to download game data.


Unity 3D

A simple and effective cross-platform engine, designed to create three-dimensional games.



Tool for automating, scaling and usage of storage applications.



A reliable and intuitive programming language by Apple, used to develop an application for iOS.


Tensor Flow

A library for machine learning by Google to find, recognize and classify images quickly.



A documented NoSQL database capable of managing collections of good documents.



A means of interacting JavaScript with I / O devices, connecting external libraries in different languages.


Docker Container

Flexible software delivery that enables the launch and management of applications in isolated storage.



Implemented a quick entry through this social network, there is a possibility of sharing an invite to Worldopoly AirMiner with friends.



One of the key channels to support users in the game.



You can quickly register in the game through this social network, there is also the possibility of sharing Worldopoly AirMiner invites to friends.