First AR Game on Blockchain with Money Withdrawal
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18 M USD
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Released tokens: 200,000,000 WPT
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Tokens for sale: 150,000,000 WPT


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Worldopoly contains built-in blockchain/dag technology, which brings to game impression of real economy. Player receives WOW-effect due to full immersion into app’s virtual world, which is closely connected with real cities, locations and investment opportunities.
Augmented reality and A.I.
Augmented reality and A.I.
This is an example of modern AR-game, adapted for mobile devices with unique A.I. algorithm to recognize (shapes of) buildings
Realism and geolocation
Realism and geolocation
The game takes place on Google Maps basis
Blockchain / Dag
Blockchain / Dag
The presence of an internal economy: players are able to make profit while playing and integrate income in WPT into real crypto currency
Interaction of players and cross gaming
Interaction of players and cross gaming
Players can unite in clans, finance large expensive projects and damage buildings of other players


Things that make Worldopoly unique in the world of mobile games


It’s very easy to start the game – just download the game and register. Every player starts with a base capital of coins which he uses to purchase one street and one initial building of player choosing. Real-time geopositioning and augmented reality gives you the possibility to actually see and show your progress to others.

  • The building generates collectable Coins which have to be collected within a certain duration, depending on the building, otherwise they will become collectable for the gaming community using the AR-extension of the game
  • Plus: every other player that walks on the street generates additional income as a bonus
  • Every street has a certain amount of “building slots” depended on its length and position within the city
  • Every building can be updated for coins
  • Updating takes a certain amount of time which can be sped up by using game currency
  • All players can interact with each other


Once the construction is complete the building starts to generate income and a new interface becomes accessible

Customization items
Like automatic income collectors, fire extinguishers etc.
Selling possibilities
Either to the bank or at the auction
Repair & maintenance
Duration to collect income


There are different kinds of Players interaction in Worldopoly:


  • Generation additional income for the player by „walking” on his streets.
  • Collecting coins from other players who haven’t managed to collect them on time.


  • Damaging – other players buildings using purchased vandalism items (e.g. Molotov Cocktails, Hired Gangsters, Bug-Infections etc.) using the VR-Extension.
  • Raiding – other players by using the the AR-Extension and connecting with other „raid-partners“.


  • Trading with other players using the market place.
  • Joining Clans in order to interact and finance big expensive projects together.
  • Build political movements, influencing the economic situation of Worldopoly’s universe.


All items can be purchased for a set price in order to boost player interaction the number of items is limited for each duration.
Items – all items have certain effects on the buildings they are used for.
Items can be activated in the building interface under the point “items” which opens the inventory.

The auction – can be used to buy from as well as sale items, buildings or streets to other players. The seller defines a minimum price and the other players can bet on the items. Unique Items can be purchased only for WPT tokens.

Selling – Everything can be sold by putting it up for an auction and setting a minimum price.

Monitoring sales – all sales can be monitored.


There are 3 types currencies in the world of Wordopoly:

Coins – Base currency, collectable within the game and to be used to purchase everything from the shop.

Building resource – Premium currency purchasable either by WPT or real currency.

WPT – ERC20 standard tokens with limited emission, freely convertible either in game or real life currency (outside the game) which will be offered during the ICO. Allows players use advanced game functions.

In-Game Currency shop
In the shop currency can only be bought. In the Marketplace every currency can be exchanged for another, the price is set by the players.

Games based on the AR and VR technologies most profitable.
Mobile Games revenue will increase by around 12% every year.
Among the popular genres of games, the genre takes 1st place with a share of 27.5%
Game market will generate revenue of $ 128 billion per year by the end of 2020.

WPT token functionality

Game Currency
Game Currency
Use WPT tokens to purchase the project’s main estimated local currency called Coins
Base currency at auctions
Base currency at auctions
The main currency for buying or selling items at auctions
Advertisement placement
Advertisement placement
Payment for advertisements for placement on objects owned by players
Exchange for real money
Exchange for real money
Purchase of a unique building, released for a event and as a reward in competitions
Events and competitions
Events and competitions
WPT-tokens allow users to exchange on-site resources an in-game currency for real money
Access to additional functionality
Access to additional functionality
Use advanced game functions and open hidden locations


power the game community and support worldopoly
200 M
tokens minted
150 M
for sale
20 M
Will be available on pre sale with a discount up to 35%
0.12 $
Price per Worldopoly
Token (WPT) 0.12$
ERC 20
Token standard
Get early access to project documents, news, and chat groups

ICO details

26 Feb - 22 Apr
Private Sale
30M Tokens
For ICO on ByteBall bonus is 30%
23 Apr - 04 June
20M Tokens
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
For ICO on ByteBall bonus is 20%
06 June - 08 July
Main Sale
100M Tokens
On the first 20%of Main Sale Tokens
For ICO on ByteBall bonus is 10%
Tokens Amount
Bonus Amount
Additional Bonus
Additional Bonus
Game Bonuses
profit bonus
xp bonus
20,000 WPT
1.00 %
200 WPT
24.00 USD
1 %
1 %
40,000 WPT
1.50 %
600 WPT
72.00 USD
1 %
2 %
60,000 WPT
2.00 %
1,200 WPT
144.00 USD
2 %
2 %
80,000 WPT
2.50 %
2,000 WPT
240.00 USD
2 %
3 %
100,000 WPT
3.00 %
3,000 WPT
360.00 USD
3 %
3 %
140,000 WPT
4.00 %
5,600 WPT
672.00 USD
3 %
4 %
200,000 WPT
5.00 %
10,000 WPT
1,200.00 USD
4 %
4 %
320,000 WPT
6.00 %
19,200 WPT
2,304.00 USD
4 %
5 %
500,000 WPT
7.00 %
35,000 WPT
4,200.00 USD
5 %
5 %
800,000 WPT
8.00 %
64,000 WPT
7,680.00 USD
5 %
6 %
1,000,000 WPT
9.00 %
90.000 WPT
10,800.00 USD
6 %
6 %
1,500,000 WPT
10.00 %
150,000 WPT
18,000.00 USD
6 %
7 %
2,000,000 WPT
11.00 %
220,000 WPT
26,400.00 USD
7 %
7 %
3,000,000 WPT
12.00 %
360,000 WPT
43,200.00 USD
7 %
7 %
4,000,000 WPT
13.00 %
520,000 WPT
62,400.00 USD
9 %
9 %
6,000,000 WPT
15.00 %
900,000 WPT
108,000.00 USD
10 %
10 %


Our plans to expand and improve the game world
Initial game idea & concept realised.
A team of 6 programmers started working on the software architecture, developing and completing the game engine from scratch
The game engine testing began, as did the development of the frontend prototype on React Native. The project also started attracting interests from early investors.
Blockchain / DAG Technology became suitable for the game, work on the ICO & economic system of the game started. The Financial Model + Investor Business plan was composed.
2018 April / May
2018 April / May
Launch of ICO, Worldopoly Token Sale, new in-game objects and auction for their sale will begin.
2018 July / August
2018 July / August
Listing the WPT token on Exchanges, implementation of marketing strategies.
2018 August - Beta Release
2018 August - Beta Release
Beta Release of the Worldopoly mobile app with the economic system. The introduction of the token functions between players and the creation of an internal cryptocurrency exchange (centralized input-output to the real currency EUR/USD). Integration of AI for the recognition of shapes and buildings during which the AR will be tested.
2018 September
2018 September
Launch of in-game chat and push notifications of important game events, for example, when someone buys the most expensive building. Negative & positive influence on the value of the buildings in the area (For example, a brothel generates more money than a kiosk but, could increase the crime rate in the area, and as such, consequently depreciate the value of all the other buildings in the neighbourhood)
2018 October / November - Stable Release
2018 October / November - Stable Release
Stable Release of Worldopoly mobile app in the AppStore & PlayStore
2018 December
2018 December
Users will be able to receive revenue from advertisements placed on their game objects, as well as, being able to place adverts of their own.
2019 February
2019 February
New features, new options for in-game building improvement, new methods of interaction between players, as well as the introduction of unique objects.
2019 March
2019 March
Windows 10 support & release of Worldopoly in the Microsoft Store
2019 April
2019 April
Further AI integration. Smart Assistant launch (it can give recommendations and reminders to users, and also assist in a better understanding the game ). Text commands one-off actions (building repair, building improvement, etc.) further function introduction.
2019 September
2019 September
Personalization for end users and advertisers. The Creation of SDK & technology such as ARKit / ARCore for outdoor building/shape recognition.
2019 December - 2020 April
2019 December - 2020 April
Implementing the opportunity to purchase resources and new types of facilities for urban improvement. Civilization creation, significant game world expansion and the ability to create own currency within the city.


ICO 75%
Founders and team 15%
Marketing & Bonuses 5%
Reserved funding (trust) 5%
Distribution of funds after initial placement:
IT Development 30%
Marketing and promotion 40%
Acquisitions and Partnerships 15%
Operating and administrative expenses 10%
Legal and legal expenses 5%
The most valuable asset of Worldopoly is our team of 25 specialists with a vast experience and a wide range of technologies

Organization finance & Publicity

Leaders who’re responsible for main issues, teamwork and public game representation. Every day and every minute they make sure that all components of the formation and development processes work smoothly. Also they build reliable connections with the media and audience in 24/7 mode. This is the main ideologists and enthusiasts of Worldopoly, who are also responsible for the overall project’s success.

Co-founder and CEO of PepperMint Talents, an established, Munich based recruiting company that introduced innovative new ways in finding the best talents on the market. Previous functions include strategic consulting and campaign management in numerous political campaigns in Austria and Germany as well as being the founder and CEO for 3 years of a consulting company specialized in market entry consulting between the DACH-region and eastern Europe.
Founder and CEO of Lindenvalley GmbH - one of the biggest privately held app development agencies in Germany. Felix has successfully set up a wide range of start-ups and high load projects for big DAX corporations and is highly experienced in software development and management of large software development teams. Also, he is the co-founder and co-investor of the Swiss company dotcom Ventures Holding AG where he invests, together with a large network of family offices, in high-potential IT start-ups.
More than 13 years of software development experience. Has a Master’s degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics and experience as a Technical Director. Sergey wrote his first book about web apps development when he was 25. He is a winner of two international competitions in ERP systems implementation field. He was certified at Princeton University, Stanford University, as well as at Zend Technologies.
Founder & CEO of dotcom Ventures Holding AG, established in Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland. Dotcom Ventures Holding AG invests in innovative IT Start-Ups, mainly in mobile projects. After studying law in Cologne, Germany, he completed his MBA in Barcelona in 2009. He is also the co-founder of Lindenvalley GmbH and

Game Design & Development

The brain of our team: a group of developers of different areas of programming, as well as design. Each of them knows his work in perfection and has a clear vision of how to implement talents and skills within the game in a way that is convenient and interesting to every user.

Certified specialist with 17 years experience in developing and supporting more than 50 medium to large scale web projects: spanning e-commerce, unique commercial solutions, social networks with the most advanced technology for infrastructure functioning, databases, data flow and processing in real time. Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster. Great experience in conducting and implementing innovations within the company, identifying and solving strategic problems in the team.
Highly qualified specialist with 15 years of experience in the field of Frontend and Backend development. Most of the time, Oleg develops complex user interfaces, the logic of their interaction and integration with third-party services. For his many years of experience, he created many web applications, participated in the development of large CRM systems and managed the development of business projects.
UI / UX designer with more than 10 years graphics and animation working experience. Engaged in designing, building interfaces, usability, emphasis and style. Constantly improving and studying new technologies such Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity, Animate, Invision, Principle and Flinto.
Nikita is an experienced Data Scientist and a Computer Vision Deep Learning Engineer. He acquired his experience in Machine Learning while working at innovative startups and established software development companies. Nikita is the Lead developer of Computer Vision System at the largest video on demand and TV service in Eastern Europe with over 20 million users. He has a BSc in Applied Mathematics, certified by Washington University, Jonh Hopkins University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. A Frequent speaker at AI conferences and meetups, Nikita will support the Worldopoly project with his AI integration, launching Smart Assistant and recognizing objects for AR effects skills.
IT Developers and Managers

Media Marketing and Advertisment

Who’re the users and fans of Worldopoly? What is important for them today and what will be important tomorrow? How will they know about the game and how they’ll love it? Our marketing team knows clear answers to these questions, and works hard every day to promote the brand, interacting with the audience, current and potential partners. All the resources for Worldopoly to be known and loved.

Maria puts her heart into every business she works for. Specialist in writing press releases and working with the media. Maria knows the importance of staying connected with people from all areas of life and works closely with investors, advisors, developers, journalists. With a commitment to the mission and core values of the company, she looks towards a world that is positively changed through blockchain technology.
Charles has over 15 years of international client relationship and Information technology experience. During this time, he has also fostered successful working relationships with a network of decision makers and influencers across various industries.
As an entrepreneur driven by a passion for startups and innovation, Katya has manifested her expertise in each of the projects she had been involved. She has spent the last 15 years in and around early stage companies, building startups and high-growth businesses in various fields. Her Master’s degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, with major in Economics, allows Katya to effectively apply both her business experience and technical knowledge while strongly focusing on communication and collaboration with clients.
Artem is a passionate strategist and global visioner. As a solutions-oriented, Business Development Manager with proven experience in B2B and B2C markets, he has been developing and implementing complex marketing & technical solutions within ICT industry for the last years. During this time, he has also established relationships with a network of decision makers & influencers across Europe and the United States.
Christopher is the CEO Founder of "MEET - We Connect You" app and a product owner at dotcom Ventures Holding AG.He has an 18-year experience working for a world's leading automotive manufacturer in the development of manufacturing technology standards space.An avid technology enthusiast, Christopher is experienced in project management, designing of various software products and has successfully managed several global development teams.A social media expert and a lifelong marketing whiz kid, Christopher possess a comprehensive Crypto social media knowledge and is responsible for the worldopoly marketing campaigns.

Crypto Financing ADvisors

We attracted a group of top world experts of the crypto-currency sphere to participate in project. These are recognized "stars" and opinion leaders who know the world of crypto from the inside out, are keenly interested in our financial concept. They help us to guide Worldopoly along the path of growth and prosperity clearly.

Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience. Managing and Investment director of VC Funds Sferiq Venture Capital Fund and Imperious Group, which have total invested more than $200 millions in more than 30 companies. 8 years' professional investment banking experience. Carrying out a large number of investment deals, totalling more than $ 300 million.
Vladimir Nikitin is the Co-founder of Top ICO Advisor, an accomplished legal consultant, ICO advisor, Blockchain cryptocurrency specialist and a member of several Board of Directors.A renown member of the crypto community and an active advocate of Blockchain over the last few years, where he has gained an extensive community of contacts, as well as over 30,000 network connections on LinkedIn.With Masters degree in both Law and Economics (Finance and Credit), Vladimir has over 10 years of Civil law, finance, Internet technologies experience in various industries such as retail consulting, hospitality and information technology.A listed Blockchain Expert on the ICObench, Vladimir is an active advisor on more than 10 successful ICO-projects, a rich experience centred on his role as the Strategic ICO/ Compliance Advisor on the Worldopoly Board
Nikolay Shkilev is an entrepreneur, owner and co-owner of many successful business projects and he is also a renown ICO blockchain advisor and ICObench expertCo-founder of Top ICO Advisors, a team with the greatest ICO advisors, lawyers and other experts that advises businesses and shares their ICO in Russia, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa.Nikolay is on the board of advisors of several ICO/Startups and he has been awarded the Self-Made Russia award, Tech guru and Super TOP award in the Russian Republic during his 20-year business career.The Founder and CEO of the "Private Business Club" - a members-only club for successful entrepreneurs, his Holding have received many awards including the "Enterprise of the Year" award in Kremlin.A serial entrepreneur, Nikolay also runs many businesses that specialize in various areas, including Logistics, FMCG, and HoReCa.He joins Worldopoly as a Strategic Business/ICO Advisor, advising the team on the key determinants of a successful ICO and overall business objectives.
Co-founder of Dynamic Abundance, A Blockchain and Fintech Advisory since 2012. Graham works as lead strategist and advises numerous blockchain and ICO projects regarding structuring, packaging and optimising routes to market. His background is in tech management consulting and digital strategies with a strong network of industry specialists that work with him covering legal, compliance, investor relations, as well as design, authorship of materials and ICO marketing and has coordinated and executed projects and campaigns that have created revenue streams in excess of $100M.
Sadie is a processes specialist and project manager skilled at bringing projects from ideas to operation. She has practical experience and current knowledge in the ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain space and has 20 years management experience in areas across finance, tech, sales, marketing and quality control. Sadie has built a solid foundation and skill set that benefits the growth of Worldopoly

VR & AR Advisors (Re-Flekt)

We work closely with Re-flekt: a world-class developer of VR & AR solutions who have offices in Germany and the USA. In addition to the human resources delegated to implement our AR tasks in the game, Re-flekt leaders constantly monitor the situation behind the AR-module implementation and development, and make valuable recommendations on the issue.

As CEO and founder of RE’FLEKT, Europe’s leading Augmented and Mixed Reality Experts, Wolfgang is responsible for the company strategy, product development and the adoption of global partnerships. His extensive experience in strategic planning, Lean Startup principles and agile software development has enabled him to grow RE’FLEKT into a global tech company with offices in Munich, Dusseldorf, San Francisco and Miami. RE’FLEKT is meanwhile recommended by leading analysts including ABI Research and Gartner (Gartner Cool Vendor). Wolfgang has raised over EUR 6M funds with Bertelsmann and Bosch amongst other investors and negotiated several win-win-partnership agreements with global brands such as Akamai, Hyperloop, Microsoft and Nvidia. Wolfgang brings his specialities in Business Plan Development, Company Strategy, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Product Ownership, Mobile Applications, and world-renowned expertise in “AR/MR/VR” to the Worldopoly Team.
Kerim is the Managing Partner and Chief Sales Officer at RE'FLEKT GmbH in Germany, where he is responsible for sales and finance. Led by his vision of user-oriented Augmented Reality applications, he has alongside CEO Wolfgang Stelzle played a decisive role in developing the technology and strengthened RE'FLEKT role as a market leader. Kerim successfully completed his degree in economics at the University of Erlangen- Nuremberg. After graduating in 2005, he moved into the area of trade marketing at Adidas, he then worked for two years with Nick Hartmann Consultants before became the Director of Sales at Metaio GmbH in 2010. His approach to customer-oriented benefits makes his experience one of the significant features of his Augmented Reality career. His many years of involvement in the field of sales working with diverse companies has provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities associated with Augmented Reality. In addition to his participation in marketing and sales, he is skilled in the integration of Augmented Reality into the industry. Kerim brings a wealth of sales, marketing and business management experience to Worldopoly.
Re-Flekt Dev. Team

Industry & Game Play Advisory

We strive not only to demonstrate the technical capabilities and game innovations with Worldopoly, but also to create for everyone an extremely friendly game. The advisory assistance in gameplay issues, from those who’re the real fans of our idea, is the thing that will help to invest in our project a particle of soul and brightness that will hook millions of casual users of all ages.

Nicolas is the Product & Project Manager at EverdreamSoft (EDS), the Swiss-based mobile games and applications development company. EDS is pioneering “true ownership” of digital assets to their players while building a base for blockchain integration in games. Their flagship game, Spells of Genesis, the first blockchain-based mobile game, combines the collection and strategic aspects of Trading Card Games (TCG) publicly launched in April 2017, the company is also developing a Blockchain Gaming Platform, that associates their cryptocurrency, digital wallet, partner games and a wide network of players and collectors to enter a new age for the game industry. Nicolas is a pioneer and veteran in Information & Communications Technology with a 24-year projects experience in marketing, technical and operation activities for startups (e.g. Echovox/Zong sold to PayPal/eBay,, EverdreamSoft) Following his Master of Science degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Nicolas gained strong international experience in new mobile and Internet services with prize & patent, product management in several countries including Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, UK, France and Venezuela. Nicholas's knowledge in blockchain cross gaming, cryptocurrency technologies and their potential application in the entertainment world is a huge asset that will complement and enhance Worldopoly ability to meet the needs of our community as we continue to provide a quality and innovative game to the marketplace.
Everdreamsoft Dev. Team

Technology and Sales

A group of advisors who helps Worldopoly on the development, implementation and work with innovative concepts that will ensure the project’s success. Their assistance covers all significant areas: strategic and program management, sales, work with social media, creative marketing, blockchain and much more.

Computer scientist Prof. Dr Dieter Kranzlmüller is a full professor of computer science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich and chairman of the board of directors of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. He has worked in parallel computing and computer graphics since 1993, with a special focus on parallel programming and debugging, cluster and especially grid computing. He has participated in several national and international research projects and has co-authored more than 150 scientific papers in journals and conference proceedings. Additionally, he is a member of the board of directors of the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). Prof. Dr. Kranzlmüller brings his extensive working knowledge of grid and cloud computing as well as high-performance computing, virtual reality and visualization to the Worldopoly Team.
As the “Head of IT” at the Ferrari Financial Services, Paul provides great leadership with the expertise of 10 years professional IT management. Paul’s knowledge in IT strategy, program management, operations, compliance, risk and security management in the European financial service industry adds value to the Worldopoly advisory. In his previous role in UniCredit Bank AG, he was responsible for IT governance & policies, application development processes and program lead for organizational development as Head of ICT Affairs. He started his professional career at Siemens Management Consultancy, where he shaped large-scale IT Outsourcings and was Project Leader for Transition and Transformation projects. Paul’s mayor driver graduating in Business Administration at Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg was “Innovative Business Models driven by technology” which led him to Worldopoly.
He brings 20+ years of successful sales and marketing experience from top European, US, Canadian, Japanese corporations. He has also been instrumental in building & coaching high-powered sales teams for several Eastern & Western European IT companies through exceptional performance improvement strategies.

ICO Strategy Advisors

Having created a new crypto currency and setting an ambitious plan for its development into mobile gaming world, we asked for the assistance of a number of ICO experts. They finished a lot of successful projects that have brought tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. This is an invaluable experience of leaders, which helps build a commercially successful product, while satisfying the audience's requests.

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multimillion dollar companies. Ian Scarffe has outstanding entrepreneurial skills and commercial acumen with innovation and motivation. With the capacity to work at strategic levels, Ian possess exceptional interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills. A passion for customer service, wealth of knowledge and vast amounts of hands on experience in almost every role, means Ian has valuable insight into millions of customers, proving him to be a valuable asset to companies across the globe.
Constant is an experienced FinTech/gaming/eCommerce executive and entrepreneur, who has built or worked in successful enterprises and startups in US, China and South East Asia.He founded BlockStar Agency, a Block Chain consultancy in Singapore to help Blockchain based companies launch innovative products and ICO. He is also General Manager of Hua Tai Jewelry eCommerce Business Unit, a jewellery brand based in Shanghai.In 2016, Constant co-founded FinDaily, a Fintech startup in Hangzhou, China. Prior to that, he was the Global head for TradeHero, the #1 Stock Trading social platform, where users share investment insights, stock tips and trading strategies on TradeHero daily.Constant was the Development Director with Electronic Arts in Los Angeles for over 6 years, where he managed EA mobile platform that provides common services (dentity, Analytics, Commerce, DRM, Push Notification and In-game Ads) across over 150 mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows Phones.He was also CEO of OpenMobile and Head of Products for EdgeMatrix, a pioneer in mobile data software and services. EdgeMatrix launched one of the world's first WAP browser in 1998 in Singapore and implemented many mobile banking/VAS services for wireless carriersA BSC of Computer Science graduate from National University of Singapore, Constant joins Worldopoly Advisory Board as the ICO/Blockchain Game Advisor, advising on the game development and ICO/Blockchain strategies.
Marcus Neufeldt is a network marketing professional, cryptocurrency enthusiast, ICO Investor and Consultant. Before thriving in his networking passion, Marcus studied economics at the TU Dresden majoring in online marketing. He is also a frequent speaker at Crypto Live Events and an influencer.
Marcus brings his comprehensive digital marketing & sales experience and a network of investors to Worldopoly. Given his vast experience in ICO Investing and close relationship in the investor space, he will present us with detailed guidance to ensure that the Worldopoly ICO is a triumph for all participants.
Nathan is a technical expert in Blockchain-based accounting, financial applications, and serial entrepreneur.Nathan, an accomplished Blockchain & Fintech international speaker is heavily involved and passionate about Blockchain technology.Rated "Top 10 People of Blockchain", Nathan is experienced in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) strategy, development, angel & venture capital investment, consulting and advising, with over 35 startups in his portfolio.He has led various executive education programs and is actively involved in consulting with corporations, banks, investment firms, stock exchanges and law firms following his MBA & BA.Nathan has joined the Worldopoly board, advising on ICO & Blockchain protocols, while providing exposure to a large network of cryptocurrency Early Investors, Angels, and Venture Capital.
Olivier is a hedge fund Quantitative Researcher with a focus on machine learning development and Quantitative/Algorithmic trading. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Technology and a Master's in Operations Research from the Columbia University, New York. He was an investment analyst skilled in the analysis of portfolios and due diligence at an Independent private equity secondary firm with EUR 1.5 billion of assets under management. Olivier has been involved in several successful ICO projects as an advisor and he is a true enthusiast and ideologist of the blockchain technology. His integrated experience and skill set will support Worldopoly in achieving its desired objectives within specific time and cost perimeters.